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Every six months, Guiding Light Orphans holds two free medical camps that provide prevention education, health talks and awareness, counseling, testing, treatment, and other informational programs. These medical camps serve approximately 4,000 patients in two days with a team of about 100 volunteers. Those volunteers include medical personnel who travel from other clinics and health facilities in Uganda to come and care for the many sick children and their caretakers in attendance.


We provide services such as: vaccinations for different diseases, family planning, screening and treatment for general diseases, epilepsy clinics, dental services, cervical cancer screening, eye care, voluntary counseling and testing for HIV, antenatal care, vitamin-A supplementation, and de-worming.


The big turnout is always a clear indication of the urgent need for medical care in these communities.The numbers of different medications needed to treat the many different illnesses is high. Luckily GLO has been able to partner with other health care providers in the area to acquire medications at a decent cost. For $3,000, we can screen and provide treatment for the approximately 4,000 patients that will attend one of the two days of medical camps. That comes out to about $0.75 per patient.


Guiding Light Orphans (GLO) holds medical camps approximately twice a year in local villages of the Masindi district. The camps concentrate on education, disease prevention and treatment, and maternal, newborn, and child health and wellness services.

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Our objectives for our medical camps are to:

  • Create awareness about the services provided at our camps and to encourage the community to utilize the services provided by other nearby health facilities​

  • Carry out prevention and treatment of people of Nyantonzi and Kasenene parishes to reduce morbidity and mortality 

  • Conduct mass disease prevention and education​

  • Screen for major diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, and cervical cancer, as well as treat dental, eye, and mental health issues


The medical camps give many people the rare opportunity to see medical professionals. For some, it is the first time in their lives. We are able to serve thousands of individuals by concentrating resources and staff for these events in areas that are accessible to local people. GLO medical camps are making progress in the following areas:

  • Educating and mobilizing the communities to help prevent the spread of major diseases

  • Limiting the spread of communicable diseases

  • Reducing the incidences and complications from non-communicable diseases

  • Helping prevent physical disabilities that can result from untreated disease or injury

  • Reducing the maternal mortality and morbidity rate

  • Reducing the mortality and morbidity rate of children under the age of five


The medical camps are staffed by local medical professionals, Village Health Teams, and GLO volunteers. They provide health and wellness education on hygiene, nutrition, and disease prevention (including HIV/AIDS and malaria). And they deliver health screenings, immunizations, and basic services which include:


  • Well-baby visits

  • General physical exams

  • HIV/AIDS testing

  • Malaria screening

  • Cervical cancer screening

  • Dental services

  • Identification and screening for other local conditions, including epilepsy which is prevalent in some villages


People are treated directly at the medical camps when possible. Those cases that are not within the capabilities of the camps, are referred to better equipped facilities and the local hospitals. As an example, during one medical camp, the screening process identified nine women with cervical cancer. We were able to diagnose and refer these women for treatment early enough to potentially save their lives.


  • By donating $7.50, you can provide medication for 10 people at our next medical camp

  • By donating $75, you can provide medication for 100 people at our next medical camp

  • By donating $375, you can provide medication for 500 people, or 13% of the people attending our next medical camp

  • By donating $750, you can provide medication for 1,000 people, or 25% of the people attending our next medical camp

  • By donating $1,500, you can provide medication for 2,000 people, or 50% of the people attending our next medical camp

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