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Over 10,000 young women and girls in Nyantonzi Parish alone of Uganda don’t have access to mentorship programs, vocational training, and are ill-prepared for work or higher education. We strive to empower women and girls by giving them an opportunity to learn a trade.


We help introduce income-generating activities, leadership, and empowerment skills. By learning entrepreneurial skills and giving them the tools to learn a profession, we’re one step closer to helping them become self-sufficient, happy, proud, productive members of society. Usually, impoverished women in Uganda don’t have people in their back pocket, someone to help them learn, and succeed. It’s our mission to change that.


We want these women to know they’re loved, they’re cared for, and there are people who want to help. GLO is committed to helping as many women as possible reach life goals they once believed were unattainable. 


Women's empowerment Program

GLO is committed to helping women and children of all ages. However, our women's empowerment program is geared toward high-school aged school girls.


Quick Facts:

  • High school girls miss school at least once a week every month because of their menstrual cycles and inability to buy sanitary products.

  • More than half of schoolgirls in Uganda drop out before taking their primary school exit exams.  ​

  • Lack of sanitary supplies, absence of clean water, and unsanitary bathrooms in schools contribute to the extreme  drop out rate.

  • At-risk women and girls are more likely to drop out of school due to a lack of educational supplies like uniforms, early pregnancy, or diseases.

  • Many of these teenage girls live on less than $2.00/day.

  • There are no vocational training programs.

The women's empowerment project provides a comprehensive Vocational Enterprise Training Program linking education, meaningful employment, and mentoring for Nyantonzi Community’s most at-risk adolescents. We also help take the burden of menstrual products off their shoulders. Our kind donors supply the girls with sustainable, reusable wash & dry pads and underwear for an entire year.


We believe that substantive, supported life skills can be powerful catalysts. We provide services to adolescents from hard to reach under-resourced villages. We implement supported individually tailored internships and job readiness training. Our job placement services help women find employment, and our workshops teach micro-business development and the importance of group savings and loans.



Our objectives for the empowerment program is to:

• To make women self-reliant by use of available resources to improve their status and living conditions
• To promote gender equality and equity
• To advocate for Women in good health, sexual and reproductive rights
• To Train and empower women as household and community leaders by giving them the knowledge and they need to become productive member of their community
• To promote and protect women’s rights in governance, peace, and security 


You can make a difference. Being a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on donations and volunteers to support our girls with daily necessities like school supplies, uniforms, tuition, and other items they need to stay in school.


  • By donating $100, you can provide one year of vocational training 

  • By donating $140, you can provide tuition for one high school student for a year

  • By donating $200, you can provide two years of vocational training 

  • By donating $280, you can provide tuition for two high school students for a year

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