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Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project

We're Drilling Deep Wells To Bring Fresh, Safe Water to Thousands of Deserving Families in Uganda

Every morning Joseph's mother sends him to the local spring to fill up their family's water jug. It's the way rural communities in Ugandans have lived for centuries. 

With no running water, no access to clean water supplies, and no ability to bring in water from elsewhere - Joseph's family is forced to drink, cook with, and wash with dirty water from their only spring.

When the water was tested in the spring, samples are teeming with dangerous bacteria and pathogens from human and animal runoff. It's no wonder, Joseph, his sisters, and his mother often get sick with Diarrhea and Typhoid Fever. 
Over 443 Million school days are lost each year due to water-related illnesses. Children often walk 2 to 3 miles to fetch water. It's an essential task that makes many miss school time. 

The objective of the project is to equip teachers to educate students on better hygiene practices in schools that affect the entire community. Training teachers to help children develop good hygiene habits is key.






Each morning 7-year-old Joseph takes the two-mile walk in dangerous forests to finally reach the spring. Then he makes the journey again in the afternoon. Joseph often sees young friends doing the same. They are orphans who have no one to rely on but themselves. 

This isn't just an inconvenience. 21 million Ugandans don't have access to safe water. Each day 33 children in Uganda die from Diarrhea after consuming or coming into contact with tainted water. Lack of safe water is a crisis racking rural Ugandans.


Young boy fectcing dirty water.jpg

We Are Working to Save Lives

Your donations have helped us bore deep wells to access fresh water for thousands of residents and build modern water purification systems that will provide entire communities with the safe, clean water they so desperately need.

That's enough to provide ample water for 10 villages.

Instead of wading into a putrid, smelly pool to fill his jug with brown water, Joseph will join his neighbors in filling from a modern faucet drawing from a safe, water source.

Safe Water Is Essential For Life












Access to safe, healthy, clean water is an essential human right most Americans take for granted. We are fortunate to live in a modern country that emphasizes freshwater delivery for all citizens.

Guiding Light Orphans (GLO) is working hard to bring that same advantage to the people of rural Uganda. 

In recent years we used member contributions from people like you to purchase and install a 2,600-gallon water storage tank with a water filtration and purification system. 

This provides safe clean water harvested from rainwater from a church roof with enough for 400 families, school children, and clean water for use in the clinic.

By reducing absenteeism due to diseases that are acquired due to lack of water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools, we can increase their academic development.

When families have clean water, boys and girls attend school regularly, they enjoy much better progress in their studies and become an educated, capable new generation that creates success.

Why Uganda Is Important

This Eastern African nation is rich in culture and hard-working people. They produce massive amounts of organic agricultural products from some of the world's finest coffee to dairy products and sugar. 

They are also leaders in textiles, hydropower, microfinance, and much more. G7 Nations recently made African business a priority for development. Africa, including Uganda, is an emerging business hot spot for the world.

But none of this can happen without clean water. Our team at GLO is proud of the extensive progress we've accomplished. All made possible with generous contributions from caring friends like you.

The project will provide toilets, washing stations, water reservoirs, and supported training for teachers so that the facilities would be put to good use.

Your valuable contributions are helping us make these vital improvements. Even a small gift can bring about a positive life-changing reality for thousands of people and families. 

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