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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Guiding Light Orphans!


There are many opportunities for you to get involved with us by sharing your time and expertise to help us with our mission to bring basic and quality health care to children and their caretakers in rural Uganda.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please take a moment to fill out our Volunteer Application and then email it to

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Uganda Volunteering Opportunities

In Uganda, we need volunteers who are willing to donate their time and skills, especially at our medical camps and training events, to help us medically with the many aspects of healthcare that we cover.


We are always looking for medical students or any other health care professionals to train our VHT’s. If you would like to learn about volunteering with Guiding Light Orphans in Uganda, please contact us with a little bit about what you are interested in. Thank you for helping us with our mission!

US Volunteering Opportunities

Locally we are always looking for volunteers who would like to help spread the word about what we do and to fundraise for us. If you would like to volunteer by fundraising, please see our fundraising page and contact us for more information.


If you would like to volunteer your time and skills by either joining our board or by sharing any ideas you may have, please contact us with a little bit about what you are interested in. Thank you for helping us with our mission!

We are currently seeking the help of college/university students and any professionals interested in volunteering in Uganda and the USA, with the skills needed for the items specified below

Village Health Team (VHT) Program

  • The training of our VHT's in reporting systems in various health interventions as per the Ministry of Health requirements

  • Develop monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems for the VHT program

  • Design and develop a data collection tool with all patients and their VHT's

  • Develop a supervisory system for the VHT program

GLO's Health Care Initiatives

  • Providing primary care services for patients of all ages, including a physical examinatio

  • Testing patients for HIV and providing counseling when necessary

  • Testing for malaria

  • Working within the clinical laboratory

  • Child health assessments

  • Help re-design working documentation for the Village Health Team

  • Providing nutrition assessments, education, and counseling


Epilepsy Program

  • Researching the cause of the high incident of the epidemic of epilepsy in the region we serve and other neglected tropical diseases (NTD's)

  • Developing a system for reaching more patients via peer-to-peer support

  • Developing a program for micro-economic projects for patients who have epilepsy

  • Developing topics for education via radio talk shows on different health interventions

  • Researching potential pharmacies that could donate drugs


Medical Camps

  • Distributing medications as well as vaccinating children and mothers

  • Providing child health assessments

  • Providing basic health care services

  • Testing for malaria, checking blood pressure, testing for diabetes, and making other diagnoses


WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Initiatives

  • WASH promotion with households and communities

  • WASH programs in schools or clinics

  • Production of wash tools and materials for behavior change communication, promotion, and negotiation

  • Develop community-led total sanitation and follow up

  • Advocacy and events such as Global Hand Washing Day, World Toilet Day, home improvement campaigns, and competitions


Agriculture and other Micro-Economic Projects

  • Training of the local community on better value addition, market linkage, and penetration for their agricultural products

  • Help with building a greenhouse/ community garden for demonstration purposes

  • Developing a program to increase food security and income generation

  • Researching developmental partners for this program

  • Evaluate agricultural challenges of the region

  • Research and recommend crops that would promote better nutrition for the community

  • Train farmers on best practices and how to grow new crops that are pest resistant

  • Develop an irrigation project in farming practices

Technology and Communication Projects

  • Writing articles

  • Inviting guest bloggers to submit blogs on our website

  • Advising on social media strategy and website updates

  • Communication strategy for year-end campaign

  • Develop a donor database


Business Planning and Development

  • Developing a marketing/communication strategy for partnership development with schools of medicine, business schools, schools of management, micro-finance institutions, etc.

  • Developing marketing strategy for individual donor cultivation and corporate sponsorships

  • Development of a fundraising campaign that incorporates multiple strategies and fundraising opportunities

  • Developing PR strategies with newspapers, magazines, television outlets; anyone who can tell our stories

  • Researching grant opportunities as well as planning and development with grant writing


Design Projects

  • Designing infographics on business models and other visual presentations

  • Designing for our website, email templates, annual reports, newsletters, brochures, print and web collateral, etc.


  • Developing impactful storytelling through video and images

  • Editing video and images

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