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Thank you for checking out our video gallery! Videos are listed from most recent to oldest.

This video was filmed during our November 2015 trip to Masindi Uganda. Some of the crew from our partner organization, Soulstainable Adventure Group and Soulstainable Films traveled with us to Uganda, took all the footage, and put together this amazing video highlighting all of our programs and the work we have been doing in Masindi, Uganda.

Check out our Programs page from the menu to learn more about the many different strategies we take to provide quality, basic, free healthcare in the most rural areas of Uganda.

This video was put together before our fall 2015 mission trip. In this video, Guiding Light Orphans' Founder and Executive Director, Jolly Lux, talks about the building and equiping of GLO's first health clinic. Our clinic will be open 3-5 days per week.


With the opening of the clinic, our patients can be seen regularly between medical camps and health issues can be addressed quickly and more efficently.

If you are interested in helping support GLO's first medical clinic, please read more about the clinic on our Programs page or check out our Get Involved pages to learn more about donatingvolunteering, and fundraising.

This is Guiding Light's first video from the spring of 2014 when we first started our work in Masindi, Uganda. 


In this video, GLO President, Kurt Lux, talks about his and Jolly's trip to understand the needs of the area and what the original plan was to help those living in extreme poverty.

This was also when they first met young Christine who suffers from spina-bifida. She is one of GLO's "Special Projects" because of the severity of her condition. To learn more about Christine, click here.

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