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UCONN Seniors Win 1st Place In Design Contest With Biogas Digester Design For GLO

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

This past year we partnered with the UConn School of Engineering and sponsored a senior design project. Working with this all-female team of Katarina Konon, Brianna Markunas, Abigale Monasterial, Renée Rogan and advisor Kristina Wagstrom was such an honor. We are so proud of them for winning first place for this project!

Their project included a full design as well as an environmental analysis, health and safety analysis, economic analysis, and social impact analysis. This Biogas Digester will keep our community sustainable and free from waste. Watch to learn more about the Biogas Digester they designed and if you are interested in learning more and helping to fund the project or know anyone who might be, please reach out to us!

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