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Regaining Independence: Lucy

The rate of teen pregnancy in Uganda is staggering. 1 in 4 teenage girls are pregnant or have a child. 23% of girls who drop out of school do so due to early pregnancy. Without an education, they find themselves dependent on others for survival. Lucy was at risk of becoming one of these women, but she refused to become dependent on anybody.

Lucy had just completed her Advanced Certificate of Education (equivalent to the 12th grade) when she found out that she was pregnant. Life became difficult and she decided to start digging. Her bean harvest was stolen by her boyfriend, which meant she could not support her baby when he arrived. She had heard of our training, and with her fierce determination, she walked 4 miles each way every single day for two weeks with her 2-month old baby Alfa to attend class. “My boyfriend cannot take away the knowledge I have learned, nor will he be able to steal the menstrual kits I have learned how to make”.

If all girls received education, the frequency of teen pregnancy would drop by 59% and child deaths would decrease by 49%. We continue to work to bring our girls education and supplies so that they too can be self-sufficient. With your support we can help more girls like Lucy regain their independence.

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