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Mitchell Auto Cares About GLO

Mitchell Auto Group has once again chosen Guiding Light Orphans, Inc. as the charity that they will generously donate $2,000 to as their “charity of the month” through their Mitchell Auto Cares program for August. This is the third year that they have supported us in our mission and helped us to provide free basic healthcare to children and their caretakers in rural Uganda. GLO is only 5 years old and has slowly been growing over time and relies on donations like Mitchell Auto Group’s to make sure that the people in Uganda are getting the quality care that they so desperately need.

With our next trip coming up at the end of September, this money will be used towards the completion of our first medical clinic. The clinic will serve around 1,200 patients per month who have no other access to medical care. With the opening of the clinic, they will no longer have to wait months between our medical camps to be treated. They will be able to visit the clinic and get the care that they need right away which, in turn, will save so many lives.

The clinic will have an important and lasting impact by using a comprehensive community-based approach through our local community health workers, by focusing on improving maternal, newborn, and child health, reproductive health, family planning, sanitation and hygiene initiatives, and controlling malaria, TB, HIV, and other childhood illnesses across all life cycles in a coordinated manner at all levels of care in order to reduce maternal and child mortality.

The $2,000 from Mitchell Auto Group will help us purchase items like a vaccine refrigerator, a sterilizer, salaries for the medical staff, medications and other medical supplies, as well as secure storage for all equipment and supplies. We currently have an online campaign set up to raise the remainder of the money necessary for these items. If you would like to donate to the clinic costs, please click here. If you are unable to donate but would still like to help, we ask that you visit the campaign page and share it through email and social media to help us spread awareness and get this clinic up and running.

Mitchell Auto Group has eight dealerships, offering vehicles like Volvo, Saab, Dodge, VW, Subaru, Land Rover, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ford. They are local and have been in business for generations and give generously to many organizations every month. They are a great partner and we hope they will continue to support us as we support them in the future. To see other organizations that Mitchell Auto Group supports, click here.

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