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GLO on Simsbury Community TV's Philanthropic Planner

This morning, Jolly, Kurt, and Natalie traveled to Simsbury Community TV’s recording station. Jolly and Kurt were interviewed by Bob Thompson, president and principal consultant at Sage Financial Design in Simsbury, on his weekly show “The Philanthropic Planner”.  Jolly and Kurt were able to talk with him about Guiding Light Orphans, how it started, and all the amazing accomplishments we have achieved and are continuing to see through GLO’s 4 main programs.

We spend a half an hour with Bob talking about how people who are unsure how they can help non-profit organizations like GLO, can do so many different things to help us provide the services that our patients need and are benefiting from. Bob discussed how philanthropy isn’t just something for wealthy people. He said many people say things like, they would do more if they could or if they knew how. But anyone who is willing to volunteer and donate anything from money to even just their time volunteering is a philanthropist.

Small, grassroots non-profit organizations like GLO are always looking for people who are willing to donate in any way they can. No amount of help, however it is provided, will ever be turned down. Here at GLO, we welcome anyone who is interested in sharing and helping in whatever way they can.

If you are interested in watching our episode on the show, stay tuned and we will share information on when and where you can view the episode. If you would like to learn more about “The Philanthropic Planner”, click here. To see how you can become a philanthropist and help GLO reach our goals, click here.

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