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From Paper to Plastic - Recycling Pill Bottles for GLO's Patients

GLO needs your help again! We are looking for empty pill bottles for our patients in Uganda! Our patients often leave the medical camps with prescriptions, but in Uganda, there is no good way to contain the pills for them. They generally are given out in envelopes or just wrapped up in a piece of paper, which can be easily lost or mixed up.

We had an idea to collect empty prescription or other pill bottles which we can give to our patients with their prescriptions inside. It will help families in Uganda keep their medications clean, out of the reach of small children or animals, and well organized while they are being used.

We are asking, if you, or anyone you know, completes a bottle of pills, whether it be a prescription, vitamins, or anything else with a child safe lid (we will even take those that don’t have that lid), that you keep that bottle, remove any labels, and save those bottles for GLO. Any shape, size, and color will work just fine!

The best way to remove stubborn labels is to place them in boiling water until the glue loosens up enough to peel them off. With these bottles, we will be able to give our patients their pills in a much more efficient way. They won’t fall out or get mixed up when they’re in a container with a lid and in a bottle that our medical staff can write on. They can write what the medication is, what it’s for, and how often it needs to be taken. This will make it so much easier for our patients and it will make giving out pills easier for our medical staff as well.

We see nearly 4,000 patients at our medical camps, and many often leave with at least one medication. Having a good container to give them out in is going to be very beneficial to many people, especially when they are getting more than one medication at a camp or at the clinic. And on top of all that, we will be helping recycle those bottles for a great cause! Though they are inexpensive to purchase, we think that finding a way to recycle them and get them into the hands of people that can really use them will be much more beneficial and give a more fulfilling feeling to those who would like to donate.

Gather as many as you can and bring them to our office on Bailey Road in Avon. We would like to be able to bring as many as we can before our next trip at the end of September for the opening of our clinic and upcoming medical camp. This will be an ongoing collection so any time you gather a bunch, you can bring them by, or, we are even willing to come and pick them up!

This is a great way for people who want to help but don’t always have the money to donate. These bottles will be a great asset to our work and our patients will be more than grateful to have a better way to keep their medications. We thank you for your help and can’t wait to see how many we can collect!

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