Natalie Goodskey graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of General Studies, with a concentration in English.


On top of working in local restaurants for over 8 years, she spent her free time volunteering with The American Cancer Society, as well as interning at The National MS Society, Connecticut Chapter, before coming to work for Guiding Light Orphans.

She has always believed that volunteering and working for a group that supports and gives back to people all over the world was the best type of job to have.


She met Jolly through her grandmother who has been seeing Jolly for regular massages for over 10 years. She went to meet Jolly one day, expecting to help her solve a quick computer issue and immediately realized she was there for a job interview.


Not only is Natalie now the board secretary for GLO, but she also is Jolly’s assistant and does content and social media marketing for Jolly Therapeutic Massage as well as Guiding Light Orphans. She is happy to be able to work doing something that she loves.

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