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Judy Bergman grew up in Simsbury, CT and works part time at Little Folks Corner Preschool and Daycare. She is involved in her local synagogue, and is a recent graduate of Simsbury High School.


She currently attends Drexel University where she is majoring in Elementary Education and planning to add a minor in Global Studies. In Philadelphia, Judy is involved with the Drexel Hillel and assists in the first grade classroom of a local elementary school.

Judy first became involved with GLO when attending an informational meeting about a service trip with a local church in 2015. Since then, she has traveled on site to Uganda in 2016 and 2018, and can’t wait to embark on more in the future! Her favorite parts of the trips were playing duck duck goose with the kids and distributing medication at the clinic’s pharmacy.

She is so thankful for her past experiences in Uganda, and is looking forward to taking part in the growth of this incredible organization. Most importantly, she is so excited to be able to work with Jolly and Kurt on this amazing cause.

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