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Guiding Light Orphans GLO-Up 2022

Every Act Of Kindness Makes an Impact


The Mission

glo-Up- verb 


1a: to become a better person from the inside out

b(1): to be a light to the world while becoming the best you can be by giving all you can 

GLO-Up all started with an idea. To help people feel good while giving back. 

Doing our part together: Building Healthcare in Rural Uganda 


Every year our health center costs Guiding Light Orphans $45,820. This includes patient care, doctors, nurses, and supplies. Read more about our clinic HERE


GLO-up is an opportunity for people to give back even during a global pandemic. We aren’t asking you to make a donation that will affect your budget this month. What we’re asking for you to do is think about your day to day routines and to give up a purchase you typically make during that day to GLO-up!


Thinking about something to give up?

Whether it’s your morning coffee at $3.50, a lunch out, a purchase at Homegoods, or online purchase. Think about the impact that your $3.50-$10 can make. Then you can even make that commitment to yourself and run it for 30 days! 

Even if you truly can’t spare the money at the moment,

You never know what 

spreading the word can do! 



How you can GLO-up by spreading the word! When you complete an act of kindness for yourself, or for others, share how you decided to GLO-up by using the hashtag #GLOup2022. You can even post the link to your page or on your post. This is something that is free for you, but the impact you make can be priceless. Make sure you tag 5 friends on your post ask them to join the GLO-up 2022 challenge! 

Our Goal is to reach over 100,000 social media accounts!  

GLO-up & Show Up! 

When you give back, even the smallest contribution can make waves. Every donation that you contribute to GLO-up 2022 is helping us reach our $40,000 goal to pay for one year of the health center in Uganda.

Our Goal IS $45,820

When you donate, you will also receive personal emails of lives you've impacted from your donation. 


Corporate Sponsorships  

GLo-up Together 

Interested in Being a corporate sponsor? 

Your company wants to be apart of a bigger mission. We can help you GLO-up together. At this time, all corporate sponsorships and ideas can reach out to us directly at

We are excited to work with you


Your donation will come with a story. 

The idea: People can become part of a bigger purpose. Even if it was an online community. 

A $10 once a month donation allowed Guiding Light Orphans to purchase 20 pounds of cornmeal, 10 pounds of beans and cooking oil enough to feed a family of three for two weeks and several 5 bars of soap so that they can wash, and stay clean.

 If $10 from just one person could have such an impact. Imagine what a community of people ready to give back could do. 

Your support to an organization makes an impact. Our donors get to know exactly how their money is being spent and who they can help. 


We all have an impact to make in this world. It comes down to one act of kindness that spark a change in so many others.

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